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Extreme Custom Table Extension Mit ai2 Updated (21/12/2017)

Custom Table can create dynamic table at runtime with custom interface this extension set price to 10USD Beli Dengan Paypal Download aix from app Update Extreme Table(27/01/2018) - Base on Listview Adapter - Smooth on Big data without out memory (on My device Android Lollipop quad Core Ram 2 gb) - Add Function Smooth Scroll To specified position - Add Function set selection into Position here the testing inputing Big datas Without Recording Aplication increase speed for about 40% ================================================ Tiny effect (almost nothing) on scrolling big data tested 15000 Lists. Update Extreme Table(21/12/2017) - Edited Text - and some function Here the shots Custom Table Feature - Customize Color - Enabled/Disabled Grid - AutoHeight - With Icon - With Checkbox - Export/Import CsvFormat - etc Update Extreme Table(19/12/2017)  - Add event on Checkbox or Button LongClicked  - Add type Textbox and Icon  - Custom Font Text

Material Drawer Mit ai2 Extension by Kus Zab Update (22/12/2017)

This is Material drawer extension For Mit ai2 or another AppInventor builder Add this to your project without complicated code. Price 10USD Beli Dengan Paypal Download aix from app Feature :  - Swipe handle  - Toggle Header Profile  - Badge  - Separator  -  Custom Font or Font Icon  - And More Update (22/12/2017) Take a look right here Update (10/01/2018) - Enable/Disable Docking header runtime - add selected Effect - Fix Loosing data when screen Orientation changed Just add this block Property Blocks P.S You Must upload the font Icon to make it work Font Beli dengan Paypal

Infinite Viewpager MIT Ai2 Extension

Features - Infinite (looping)/not - no any lib just animation  from geftimov on github (smallsize 74 kb) - Use Tablayout/circle Indicator - Real Viewpager work on any builder - 17 Transformer  animation - dont worry about sizing Update 19/02/18 Custom Width on Tab Layout Add Icon, and positioning Price 10 Usd Buy here Preview 19/02/18 Blocks regard

Grouped List Extension Mit ai2 by Kus Zab

This extension make a group list, multifunction and customized What's new on 01/02/2018 - Add Ripple Effect From Traex on github - Circular Image (Seperate extension) - Base on Listview adapter avoid OOM on Big data - Caching Image Into Storage memory or in process memory(faster) without any OOM So far   If Set to storage will be able when aplication running on offline mode Icon Still displaying. - add get and set CsvData. This function using AsyncTask smooth when fetching data 02/02/2018 - Fixed Font Icon - add card Mode Download aix from app Here the preview (Older) - Glide Image from web (detect same image, decrease internet data) - Custom font - FontIcon - Listview, or chat Function MultiFunction And here the blocks Email me the Price USD15

Dialog Any Mit ai2 Extension by Kus Zab (to be sponsored)

This extension make dialog of any view component like: label, button, listview, etc. Including layout with its contained one component set up many component Download aix from app here preview here my blocks Regard

CoverFlow(Web Image Support) Mit ai2 Extension

after some time almost in despair finally I can break the limit of coverflow extension Price tag $15USD here the test run Update The Blocks

HelloChart by Kus Zab Mit ai2 Extension

Feature : - No Webviewer (fast) - Multitouch Zooming - And more Here the test Block This is use library Price Extension 5USD each (Can be seperated) Thanks sample apk have a lot more feature that i want developed more Sample Apk

Advance List Mit ai2 Extension

This is base on array component, but the function like a custom listview with icon. I set the price USD5 For the future plan I'll Make it free if I reach USD50 of this. ps : if use picture from web make it slower initialitation - Custom Remove - Custom Set Item, Sub, Tip, Icon - Custom Font Color - Custom Alpha Background Color - Dynamic Size - Direct Image icon from web *New(12/12/17) - Buildt-in FilterBox - Longclick Event - Disabled/Enabled Separator - Tip return Event - Autosized when Screen Orientation Changed *New(12/12/17) Here the designer Property Blocks Property Example Blocks

Icon ViewComponent Mit ai2 Extension

This simple extension set Icon On any component has text Price 5Usd will be Sponsored if reach $15. Download aix from app regard

FreeImageSlider by Kuszab (Shared) Fixed Swiped Mit ai2 Extension

I just wondering can i hit the goal on my work, Bug On Appybuider SwipeRight Not working very well (Fixed Only Paid Extension) Designer Property Blocks Preview Download aix from app Paid Extension More Customized 5 USD

Listener Extension

Hello, I Edited this Post Im sorry just because my English So bad this is function To add listener of component with event Clik and Longclick AIX Download aix from app AIA Blocks

Free ViewComponent Addons Extension by Kus Zab

This just simple extension, Set shadow, margin, padding, drawable background, I dont know, if this kind of ext already exist. here the Blocks Here the aix enjoy it

PasswordTextBox Add-on

Simple extended Function PasswordTextBox , -Show -Hide -Set to only numbers Download aix 10 Download aia 8 1006x618 182 KB Update aix -event TextChange -Set Maxlength 3

File Explorer MIT ai2 Extension

This Extension Explore file on the device I'm not provide to open of any file There are 2 Version Free and Paid Free Cant be customized Free Explorer Preview Download aix from app Blocks You can buy 5USD more customizeable from File Explorer Here The Shots Here The Design Property Here The Blocks

Free Textboxing Mit ai2 extension

Today I’ll share my old extension which use nineoldandroid library Features contains Material textbox hint material pwtextboxt hint input code text drawable blocks.png 1544x607 57 KB Download aix from app Hope you enjoy all have a nice day.